Saturday, October 01, 2011

5 days a week?

So up until now I've been a Monday to Friday Blogger, I've posted on the weekend, but the posts that seem to get the most traffic are posted in the morning during the week.  Over the weekend my traffic falls off dramatically, (duh I'm not posting) and I didn't see the point.  I still don't,  but here is a post anyway because this is way more interesting then what I'm supposed to be doing.

Semi-highlights, the sauerkraut is fermenting in my basement and so far I don't find it all that smelly, but the fermentation might not have kicked into high gear yet or something.

So that's one head of cabbage chopped and 1/2 an onion to be added to the 3 gallon crock.  Also pictured is 1 tbsp of Caraways seeds and 2 tbsp of salt.

And there is a picture of a crap load of cabbage and onion waiting for me to mash the crap out of it with a really big mashing stick.  Those crazy in-laws have one that they carved out of a limb sometime ago, the limb must have been green when they made the masher because it split with age.  I forgot to take a picture of the big ass stick but it looks like a baseball bat for a neanderthal. 


  1. That kraut still looks so delicious....

  2. You wouldn't happen to know anything about fermenting tobacco would you?

  3. Fermenting sauerkraut? Will probably turn out good, but you're braver and more dedicated than I.

  4. i told my mom, she's tryin now :D

  5. I'm gonna keep an eye on this. If it's as good as I think it can be, I might do this too. Keep us posted.

  6. Sauerkraut!
    It sounds very dangerous.