Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Robot Overlords

These bad boys are pretty scary.  Armed with rockets and hunting humans bombs.  Better than a person loosing their life to the munitions I suppose, but man this little robot will never be the adrenaline junkie from The Hurt Locker.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sprint Hero USB Host mode

Interesting read on someones livejournal (seriously?!?)  I suppose it goes to show its not the medium, but the author that counts, but livejournal is not the place I would have thought to have a technical discussion about kernel patching for android. 

If its over your head it wasn't for you, I mostly wanted to have a bookmark of sorts to find it again later.

Google Groups link

XDA link

Syncing Itunes VS itunes portable

I've written a few times about the idea of making itunes portable 1, 2, the idea keeps circling my brain even if I don't know that you can pull it off and distribute your results

For PC's and Mac's that you have the ability to install itunes on a different option to the Portable iTunes may be to use a piece of software called MediaRover.  This would allow you to at least keep all of your PC's up to date with the latest library information.   This is obviously not ideal given that you are adding information to all the hard drives of the computers that you choose to make use of this software, but it may help some people with a different problem.

Lifehacker has a quick write up on the software for those interested.