Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How's it going blogger?

I've sort of missed this platform, but not really been in the mood to post here for a variety of personal reasons.

The summer has been hot, and I've been in the gym non-stop. I competed in 2 super-sprint distance Triathlons, went camping and generally went with the summer flow. I've started in a fairly committed fashion to follow the paleo diet, and even doing some HIIT in addition to my weight lifting.

Not terribly interesting in a lot of ways, but I'm feeling great and working on getting strong. Pulling 385lbs on the deadlift and working on strength and flexibility to do full depth front and back squats. I can do it with 135lbs on both, but I'm nervous about going up in weight on that particular lift.

What about you guys, been up to much?