Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DVR scheduling app

Not to be out done by Comcast Fios users can schedule recordings from a dedicated Android application. For some reason I think this is cooler than the web portal version, but that would be my Android bias kicking in.

via Engadget via Zatz not funny

Comcast dvr scheduling

Comcast's Motorola Crap DVRS catch up with functionality that Orb users have had on Window Media Center since 2004. Way to listen to the people Cast. Now all we need to do is get MS or Comcast or Verizon or even Tivo to copy the Replay TV "federated recording" feature and DVR's will finally catch up with where they should have been in 2005. I think DirectTV owns the ReplayTV intellectual property and have squandered their chance to make that blockbuster feature a reality. Imagine multiple DVR's on your network, and they decide if one of the DVR's is in use when it needs to be recording to have one of the other DVR's record it for you. Another bonus is you don't have to worry which DVR has your content because it streams around your network for you!

Gizmodo via ZatzNotFunny via Comcast

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Airstash external storage for wifi equiped devices

As someone that recently passed on the Palm Pre because it lacked the ability to expand it storage I can personally attest to the importance of ever growing storage options for your mobile experience. In my case it was a phone, but with the Airstash I think that we could see a day when you load your media, neigh your whole computer environment and run it from a device that can be connected to sans wires. I really dig this devices potential for other markets than the Cellphones, but think that the expanding iPhones and Pre's will be the first order of business for these devices. Breaking into that market would give them a lot of clout to pursue other markets with this class of device. If the experience can be as slick as the Zune wireless sync is (not the slow social, but the home syncing) this could easily be a hit.

Gizmodo via Engadget

Mobile DTV for wifi devices

There you have it a device that gives Wifi Devices access to DTV, is it me or does this tech seem like a solution looking for a problem? I have watched daytime TV and lets just say it leaves much to be desired, I suppose it could really kick up the rerun market on some stations, but the times that I would use this are in the morning, sometime over lunch and in the early evening. Currently there is basically nothing interesting on the TV at those times, but the existence of the potential market could push some demand for good daytime television.

If your interested in watching DTV on your mobile here is the link via Engadget

Hopefully this proves to be the egg to the metaphorical chicken of good daytime programing.