Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Comcast dvr scheduling

Comcast's Motorola Crap DVRS catch up with functionality that Orb users have had on Window Media Center since 2004. Way to listen to the people Cast. Now all we need to do is get MS or Comcast or Verizon or even Tivo to copy the Replay TV "federated recording" feature and DVR's will finally catch up with where they should have been in 2005. I think DirectTV owns the ReplayTV intellectual property and have squandered their chance to make that blockbuster feature a reality. Imagine multiple DVR's on your network, and they decide if one of the DVR's is in use when it needs to be recording to have one of the other DVR's record it for you. Another bonus is you don't have to worry which DVR has your content because it streams around your network for you!

Gizmodo via ZatzNotFunny via Comcast

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