Thursday, August 16, 2007

Craft Corner Project Done

Since we have moved in here at 14th Court we have have been trying to decide what to do with the second floor stair landing. The space is really rather large, but not large enough that it can be permanently blocked off. After several months of Julie taking over the living room with her scrapbooking we decided that she was in need of a craft corner.

Well last weekend my Dad and I got to it.

As you can see we found some cabinet doors at Ikea that match the house cabinets closely. Utilizing a butcher block top we created a very workable space for Julie to scapbook.

I ordered more matching handles (even though the less than intelligent Home Depot lady f'd the order up). Julie and I found ourselves a place to hang the mail sorter, and the cabinet on the right is a roll out with both the recycle and garbage.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tmobile data sucks, but damn the family plan is so good

I believe Tmobiles 3g strategy is something like "Hey guys we just bought our 3g spectrum and hope to have it up the 3012". Thats right, I am concerned that Tmobiles head honchos cannot find the collective thought process to get out a 3g network this Millennium(all kidding aside they have a 3g network slated for the end of this year). Oh, and way to go on the whole 1700mhz spectrum there fellas. Way to make your 3g phones not work with anyone else(vice versa really being the big miff here). I have been with Tmobile for about 3 years now and not once have I used a Tmobile phone.

I am currently running an unlocked Audiovox SMT5600, and though my windows mobile 2003 device is long in tooth, it still beats the SDA and in my opinion has a more appealing form factor than any of the Windows mobiles that Tmobile manages to puke out. Dash, MDA, and the wing can all take a leap. My current plan is to jump ship to Helio. The announcement of the Fin was all it took (my wife only likes flip phones). My one and only lament is the completely missing family plan options from Helio. I realize that as an MNVO they have limited ability to be too innovative with their service plans, but damn it the service plans is about the only thing Tmobile does right, so I would hope that others would emulate.

Oh and someone hire Zeta back, best spokes model ever.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Damn, the iPhone may actually be cheap

As a person that adamantly resents of all things Mac, I was deeply saddened to see the one windows mobile coming to market that is comparable(superior on almost every detail) to the iPhone is $300 more. The HTC Advantage available now, carried its own lesser amount of hype, and carries the laptop price of $899. For a phone. Seriously.

Many Analists[sic] decried the iPhone as expensive at $599 (apples to apples here people I know there is a cheaper one, put the HTC smokes that one just warm up the bowl). Feature for feature, the only things that iPhone has that the HTC Advantage does not is the auto-rotate, and some gesture based browsing. (I think, there is less press for this phone, and I'm lazy).

The HTC does have expandable storage(anathema to Mister Jobs), and HSDPA. Seriously Jobs and Co, I realize that you choose to forgo 3g because the battery life on your toy already sucks, but taint much mobile on GPRS. Its more like slomble[sic], just ask a Tmobile customer.

So listen, the HTC Advantage is a really nice phone with 8gb on board, the nice WM6, expandable via MiniSD, a real Keyboard, 3G, a normal headphone jack and last but not least an SDK. None of this web 2.0 bs Steve gave developers. All for the cost of a laptop, or even the Everun UMPC.

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