Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Damn, the iPhone may actually be cheap

As a person that adamantly resents of all things Mac, I was deeply saddened to see the one windows mobile coming to market that is comparable(superior on almost every detail) to the iPhone is $300 more. The HTC Advantage available now, carried its own lesser amount of hype, and carries the laptop price of $899. For a phone. Seriously.

Many Analists[sic] decried the iPhone as expensive at $599 (apples to apples here people I know there is a cheaper one, put the HTC smokes that one just warm up the bowl). Feature for feature, the only things that iPhone has that the HTC Advantage does not is the auto-rotate, and some gesture based browsing. (I think, there is less press for this phone, and I'm lazy).

The HTC does have expandable storage(anathema to Mister Jobs), and HSDPA. Seriously Jobs and Co, I realize that you choose to forgo 3g because the battery life on your toy already sucks, but taint much mobile on GPRS. Its more like slomble[sic], just ask a Tmobile customer.

So listen, the HTC Advantage is a really nice phone with 8gb on board, the nice WM6, expandable via MiniSD, a real Keyboard, 3G, a normal headphone jack and last but not least an SDK. None of this web 2.0 bs Steve gave developers. All for the cost of a laptop, or even the Everun UMPC.

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