Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tmobile data sucks, but damn the family plan is so good

I believe Tmobiles 3g strategy is something like "Hey guys we just bought our 3g spectrum and hope to have it up the 3012". Thats right, I am concerned that Tmobiles head honchos cannot find the collective thought process to get out a 3g network this Millennium(all kidding aside they have a 3g network slated for the end of this year). Oh, and way to go on the whole 1700mhz spectrum there fellas. Way to make your 3g phones not work with anyone else(vice versa really being the big miff here). I have been with Tmobile for about 3 years now and not once have I used a Tmobile phone.

I am currently running an unlocked Audiovox SMT5600, and though my windows mobile 2003 device is long in tooth, it still beats the SDA and in my opinion has a more appealing form factor than any of the Windows mobiles that Tmobile manages to puke out. Dash, MDA, and the wing can all take a leap. My current plan is to jump ship to Helio. The announcement of the Fin was all it took (my wife only likes flip phones). My one and only lament is the completely missing family plan options from Helio. I realize that as an MNVO they have limited ability to be too innovative with their service plans, but damn it the service plans is about the only thing Tmobile does right, so I would hope that others would emulate.

Oh and someone hire Zeta back, best spokes model ever.

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