Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Is technology a Porn friendly business?

I was reading my Gizmodo feed today, and I was struck by the number of sex toy and porn references and even one outright posting.

After a Little review, it turns out it is not the whole Gizmodo staff that are porno festished writers, mostly the one and only Jason Chen.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Slipping ship dates, so sad.

So the HAVA that I was so stoked about previously has missed the original ship date, and announced a new one. July 31st. I just hope that it actually ships on that date, and come relatively bug free.

I have been looking at the Slingbox for awhile, and just was not impressed by the feature set. I loved the idea, do get me wrong. I just was underwhelming by the actual product. Place displacement is a sweet idea, and really has the potential to change how we use the TV and how we go about watching it. Coupled with fast internet connections, DVR's, and powerful mobile devices like the Motorola Q TV is no longer the oppressor and keeper of my time. It is something I do when I want to. Shows competing for the same time slot now may no longer be competing for the eyes at whatever hour they are on, just the viewers choice to record series. End users become only limited by the number of tuners and the amount of hard drive space available to them.

Add IPTV, and other options where the TV doesn't have to only be local programming content and suddenly the boring Television set took on a different life. As more Vlogs emerge, and tools to syndicate arrive we may see the leap to syndication based sitcoms. RSS and ATOM seem to support just about anything, why not have my television brought to me via the web.


Friday, July 21, 2006


Originally uploaded by convictus.
Don't put heavy metal things on high shelves people!

This happend to me because someone put a heavy piece of metal on a high shelf at work, and I found it the hard way when I pulled something that was on top of it down.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sonics/Storm Are gone? Good Riddance

Now that we have gotten rid of that crap, can we commence with the demo on Key arena? I would love to see some real businesses or even apartments put in there. Who needs the Sonics?

Not Seattle.


A reason for quoting

So I came across a page of "Quotable Quotes" and though not many of them were my type of quote I was struck by their lengthy reasoning for why we use quotes. The reasoning was interesting though common and very well written, but ultimately I fear wrong.


In todays society at the reason we quote items from popular tv shows, is not that they are particularly memorable, or even really all that funny or original. We quote to let others know that we too are participating in the mindless pursuits others are. It is an insulating, and reaffirming action. We participate is this culture, pay attention and want others to know that we are doing so. We want others to know we belong in that group.

Look no farther for examples than try some of your newest pop culture quotes down at the retirement home, the audiance would likely be offended. Armed with this knowledge I have to wonder, where all the quotes of days gone by also a reaffirmation of belonging?

Is the reciting of popular culture todays soma orgy, have we been duped with feelies, and lulled by casual dating?


Friday, July 14, 2006

Tablet pron, and goodness


I love it when a plan comes together. I bought a Compaq TC1000 tablet pc on the fleabay a few months ago with a broken top plate. I looked for weeks for another auction that would have the part that I needed, and was about to give up and send it back to HP and pray that they could repair it for less than $2000. Then the on Friday of the 7th there it was ending is 4 hours with one bid on it, my tablet top plate.

I camped on it for the next 4 hours and with 30 seconds remaining submitted my winning bid. Yeah.... ouch $200 well whatever, I won and I could fix my tablet.

It only took me 3hrs (I had already disassembled the bugger) to snap it in, and remember where all those damn screws came from. So now Tablety goodness.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

House Cleaning

Of late we have been cleaning the house making room in our life for the my brother (My wife and I are calling him our adopted child) and this last few days almost makes me wish I had a picture of the hell hole/mess that we had before we began the journey to a clean and organized home.

I think my parents should open a business and do this professionally. They came over on Sunday night and we did some planning, and looked at some closet ideas but no real work took place. Monday, they went bonkers from the time I got off work I meet my dad at the depot bought some free standing cabinets to begin the process and proceeded to tear the house apart. From the hours of 6pm to 11pm I have never seen such a tearing apart of a home. This is the type of thing that would be illegal in the south.

Any how, after many hours of moving things from one point to another, we for the most part had assembled the house to livable order and went to bed. My wife, brother and I all assumed that would be the end of the whole ordeal, but no leave it to or parent s to go and keep on moving and organizing things. All through the day they moved and recycled and stacked/hid every single electronic dodad that I own. The house is now so clean we had people over last night so that someone would think we are cool and organized.

Ha! what a laugh. Anyhow, our home is clean and Julie has her scrapbooking neatly stacked away, and all my toys are hiding is a pile that I have to assume will tumble down and crush me should I move any of it.


Payperpost, and interesting idea instant (not really) gratification for blogging. Basically you logon and take opportunities to blog about certain companies, or products or people or well whatever someone pays for (only see one "adult" opportunity so far). The idea is interesting, but they give companies the opportunity to choose the tone they are willing to pay for. Truthfully, one opportunity almost made me post a negative entry about that product just for the sake of not supporting a technology I think is at best suspect. When I heard about Payperpost on Techcrunch I got the sensation that many people, well most that I read were opposed to the idea of directly buying an opinion. I suppose I am too, but the beauty of choice is that you are not obligated to take the offered opportunities. I would like to see a disclosure policy, maybe an extra link in the post that points to payperpost with a brief description of what the blogger choose to do by taking this opportunity. I believe that this is especially important for the opportunities that require you to post in a certain tone, even more so when the tone is required to be positive.

This idea is not horrible, and the opportunity to monetize with relatively low work is not something to be dismissed offhand. I think that there needs to be a little disclosure, but on the whole it is not a bad idea.


*disclosure*:I did take a payperpost opportunity for this post, and it did not require me to be positive.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oh shit yeah, new media center toys hotness

I give you the snappy multimedia HAVA!

Snappy really needs someone to help them with their product names. Never the less, this is an amazing product and I am just drooling over specs and press release porn while I pace waiting for mine to show up. Talk about the long wait, ship date is supposed to be the 17th of July.

Anyhow, the deets on this sweet little toy really make the Slingbox green with envy. This puppy acts as an external MCE tuner, and a wireless multicast-point for all my home TV needs to even stream me some recorded TV whilst I am at the working joint. Oh yeah. Me likey.

Monday, July 03, 2006

If only Howard leaving public radio had cleaned up his mess


You cannot seem to get rid of this cockroach. I was so relieved to hear that he was leaving public radio, I thought maybe the radio stations would wise up and play some music for my commute. I thought maybe he would be gone forever, I would have to listen to the horny ravings of a repressed pervert acting out. Nope. 99.5 just went on ahead and replaced him with two knobs instead. Super, Just super.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is fine to think and act the way that he does on a one to one level, but the persona that he evolved incites so much loathing towards women that he should have been ashamed of himself. That we as men/people think things like "buttaface" does not mean we should go around giving them awards, or trying to make women have orgasms on radio. These are definitely things that were kept of the radio in the past for a reason. They are very much so salacious, and pointless.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Chainsaw art?

I have this giant cedar stump out in in front of my house that is really calling me to cut it out and make it into a gargoyle. Not sure if that is weird or not but, every time I look at it I see the little gargoyle with its leathery wings wrapped around itself crouching.

I received an amusing Ryobi battery operated chainsaw from my wife for an anniversary gift.

I am going to assume that with that enormous 10in bar this will probably take the rest of my natural life to complete, but seems like a decent use of otherwise wasted time. My brother plays WOW and is trying to lure me into that ridiculous time sink as well.

Anyhow here are some photos of the stump in a handy dandy flickr slideshow