Thursday, July 13, 2006

House Cleaning

Of late we have been cleaning the house making room in our life for the my brother (My wife and I are calling him our adopted child) and this last few days almost makes me wish I had a picture of the hell hole/mess that we had before we began the journey to a clean and organized home.

I think my parents should open a business and do this professionally. They came over on Sunday night and we did some planning, and looked at some closet ideas but no real work took place. Monday, they went bonkers from the time I got off work I meet my dad at the depot bought some free standing cabinets to begin the process and proceeded to tear the house apart. From the hours of 6pm to 11pm I have never seen such a tearing apart of a home. This is the type of thing that would be illegal in the south.

Any how, after many hours of moving things from one point to another, we for the most part had assembled the house to livable order and went to bed. My wife, brother and I all assumed that would be the end of the whole ordeal, but no leave it to or parent s to go and keep on moving and organizing things. All through the day they moved and recycled and stacked/hid every single electronic dodad that I own. The house is now so clean we had people over last night so that someone would think we are cool and organized.

Ha! what a laugh. Anyhow, our home is clean and Julie has her scrapbooking neatly stacked away, and all my toys are hiding is a pile that I have to assume will tumble down and crush me should I move any of it.

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