Thursday, July 13, 2006


Payperpost, and interesting idea instant (not really) gratification for blogging. Basically you logon and take opportunities to blog about certain companies, or products or people or well whatever someone pays for (only see one "adult" opportunity so far). The idea is interesting, but they give companies the opportunity to choose the tone they are willing to pay for. Truthfully, one opportunity almost made me post a negative entry about that product just for the sake of not supporting a technology I think is at best suspect. When I heard about Payperpost on Techcrunch I got the sensation that many people, well most that I read were opposed to the idea of directly buying an opinion. I suppose I am too, but the beauty of choice is that you are not obligated to take the offered opportunities. I would like to see a disclosure policy, maybe an extra link in the post that points to payperpost with a brief description of what the blogger choose to do by taking this opportunity. I believe that this is especially important for the opportunities that require you to post in a certain tone, even more so when the tone is required to be positive.

This idea is not horrible, and the opportunity to monetize with relatively low work is not something to be dismissed offhand. I think that there needs to be a little disclosure, but on the whole it is not a bad idea.

*disclosure*:I did take a payperpost opportunity for this post, and it did not require me to be positive.

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