Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A reason for quoting

So I came across a page of "Quotable Quotes" and though not many of them were my type of quote I was struck by their lengthy reasoning for why we use quotes. The reasoning was interesting though common and very well written, but ultimately I fear wrong.

In todays society at the reason we quote items from popular tv shows, is not that they are particularly memorable, or even really all that funny or original. We quote to let others know that we too are participating in the mindless pursuits others are. It is an insulating, and reaffirming action. We participate is this culture, pay attention and want others to know that we are doing so. We want others to know we belong in that group.

Look no farther for examples than try some of your newest pop culture quotes down at the retirement home, the audiance would likely be offended. Armed with this knowledge I have to wonder, where all the quotes of days gone by also a reaffirmation of belonging?

Is the reciting of popular culture todays soma orgy, have we been duped with feelies, and lulled by casual dating?


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