Monday, July 24, 2006

Slipping ship dates, so sad.

So the HAVA that I was so stoked about previously has missed the original ship date, and announced a new one. July 31st. I just hope that it actually ships on that date, and come relatively bug free.

I have been looking at the Slingbox for awhile, and just was not impressed by the feature set. I loved the idea, do get me wrong. I just was underwhelming by the actual product. Place displacement is a sweet idea, and really has the potential to change how we use the TV and how we go about watching it. Coupled with fast internet connections, DVR's, and powerful mobile devices like the Motorola Q TV is no longer the oppressor and keeper of my time. It is something I do when I want to. Shows competing for the same time slot now may no longer be competing for the eyes at whatever hour they are on, just the viewers choice to record series. End users become only limited by the number of tuners and the amount of hard drive space available to them.

Add IPTV, and other options where the TV doesn't have to only be local programming content and suddenly the boring Television set took on a different life. As more Vlogs emerge, and tools to syndicate arrive we may see the leap to syndication based sitcoms. RSS and ATOM seem to support just about anything, why not have my television brought to me via the web.



  1. Hava is a very appropriate name for this product . it is derived from a Hindi word which means Air.

    i agree with you that palce shifting is the best thing happened to TV . your vision of combination of IPTV+ Place Shifting + Video Syndication based TV Channel is cool . have you gave it a real hard thought or you just stumbeeld upon it ? it can be a pot of gold
    Good luck for your millions

  2. I wish the idea where mine, but it is the trend that I am seeing on the web. I do wish someone could package it well, and put a pricetag on it. For developement and all the content licensing headaches I think we are 15 years off from that type of thing in the States, but China, Korea, Japan I expect to see it in 3.

    The problem with the US is that everything, I mean everything is trademarked, and copywrited, or patented. So much for fostering innovation and protecting the inventors.

    I was thinking of trying to sneek a patent through for a (Fill in the blank) drama show that involves a snarky protagonist that has social troubles, but is the most brilliant (fill in the blank) and keeps saving people with their gift. Prevent any more of the ss dd stuff we have on tv.

    Shows like FireFly that have a mobilized audiance could find new life in pay per episode syndication.