Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thank you Verizon

I realize that I am beginning to sound a bit like a rabid fan boy of Google, but damn it even if the Open Handset Alliance explodes into a million tiny pieces I can only hope that it wakes carriers up to the bizarre fringe that wants to have there choice of phone. Verizon seems to have heard it. And it can only be a good thing, so thanks Verizon.

On a random side note:

WTF Google, Trolltech and OpenMoko have been at this for a while, and don't rely on some crap custom version of Java. They could run a crap custom version of Java, but they aren't building a platform around it. I love you guys and all, but I seriously hope that your Middle language supports a different High Level language at some point, I freaking hate Java.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Facebook for all the hype....sucks

Huh, all the sudden I don't like to read several of my blogs. I must have missed it but somewhere along the line everybody drank some Facebook koolaide and lost their fucking common sense. To the engineers that are leaving Google to join Facebook google is my all day sexy, Facebook gets about 3-10mins a day total of my time. I am logged into my gmail account every second I am near a computer, I check my hotmail and yahoo once per day each and check myspace 3-4 times per day. I normally only go to Facebook if some one sends me a message, otherwise I try hard not to think about it and the oxygen wasted world wide talking about it.

On the other hand I use nearly every service that Google has to offer, Notebook is my savior, Reader was my replacement for bloglines (I haven't looked back nor been disappointed with that switch yet), Maps is likely the only reason I am not dead somewhere after trying to "wing it" on the directions. I blog on Blogger, I use Feedburner, Analytics, Adsense, I encourage every picture taking person I know to use Picasa. I have started using code search to help my sad attempts at coding, and absolutely love Goog-411.

Finally what is not sexy about a company that lest you spend 20% of your time on a personal project. Are you freaking serious?! I only wish that I could find some time to not run around at my job and work on some of the collaboration that my company so desperately needs.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Helio Wireless Here I come

So Helio Wireless went ahead and removed the road block preventing me from switching to their service this January when the old T-slowmobile contract expires here in January, Helio now offers Family Plans.

I am not sure if this was a soft launch or what as I don't recall anyone mentioning it anywhere, but I am excited none the less. For about $20/mo more than I pay now I can have the same minutes and 2 phones with data access. To add data access to both phones would be at least $30 per line per month and it would be the slow speed that T-mobile has to offer.

For that family member that talks too much there is always the $99/mo unlimited package. It won't be included into your family plan, but at least they can yak as long as their lungs and battery hold out with out breaking he bank.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What happened to all the great bloggers I knew?

Three years ago there was some riveting writing going on in the blogosphere Hugh Macleod held my rapt attention for the length of even his longest posts and the Tin Basher made me giggle with his brash and bold writings on business.

So I suppose my point is what gives? 2 posts about The Global Microbrand in a year? And the Tin Basher hasn't said anything... well most anything remotely interesting in weeks. All Hugh talks about is wine, and Micheal well other than I am not entirely partial to the lyrical stylings of his co-workers, Tech Crunch still seems to be on the ball.

What gives?

I figure Hugh has been oversampling his wares, but what did life get in the way guys? Did the blogosphere loose it's innocence with the numerous trust issues that have come to light?

I am not sure what happened, but the good blogs I was reading are drying up (execpt you Engadget don't let the potty mouthed serial posters at Gizmodo get you down.)