Thursday, October 06, 2011

Die by the drop ---updated--

This is the seed artist for my favorite indie channel on Slacker. Not the best or only song, but a great song none the less. Jack White rocks my goddamn socks off, but put him together with Alison Mosshart and I'm in love.


 Some people die just a little, sometimes you die by the drop.

 If this is your kick you should look into It Might Get Loud Jack White, Jimmy Page and The Edge (from that shitty Irish band you've heard of), guitar and music ideology it's and orgy of rock and roll guitar.

You might also watch The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights. This is pretty close to spiritual as far as tour videos go.  Between the interviews and where they toured this band loves what they do and loves music. If you are kind of a fan I promise you will be hooked for life watching this and sad they decided to be done.

So because this appears to be not availible in so many countries here is a totally legit download link.



  1. Not avalible in Canada! Darn!

  2. It's a good song :)

  3. Not avail in germany either damn legal rights...

  4. Add Argentina to the list of banned countries.

  5. Nice thanks for updating!

  6. Oh that's very kind of you. I will make sure to listen it. Thanks for taking the time!