Monday, October 31, 2011

The new Google Reader Kinda Sucks

So the screenshot below will illustrate my problem with the new google reader and expose my ocd tabbing and crap ton of stuff open. In the new interface I have 567 vertical pixels to view content on.

<slow clap> way to fucking go google</slow clap>

I have 900 vertical pixels on my display, I waste 84 by not browsing in fullscreen for the tabs and the address-bar and my bookmarklets.  Your google+ uses 29, and then you waste 177 on whitespace that could be displaying the content that I use your product to view!!!  I'm not overly concerned about this, as I read more on my android tablet using Feedly, and for Chrome I'll install a user script to fix your fucking retarded design choices.  But I really would hate to see what this looks like on a netbook.

Hope you fix this soon, because it is a failure in my eyes.

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  1. Meh, it's not the worst reader in the world, but could definitely use some fine tuning.