Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tomato Sauce

So those hipsters in New York are at it again, making me want to cook somewhat odd things. This time they had a story about a 3 ingredient tomato sauce which sounds boring from the title, but if you read the gushing reviews of the sauce made me give it a second look. I looked around for various posts about this sauce and given the exceptionally little work involved decided to give it a go myself.

 One of the posts I read clued me into the origin of the sauce and I think I may have to get one or both of those cookbooks.  Either Marcella's Italian Kitchen or Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking both from Marcella Hazan.

I don't think the gushing reviews oversold the sauce.   At all, it was really that good.  If your in the mood for a rich tomato sauce for this fine fall we are having do yourself a favor and burn the 45 minutes to simmer this.  You figure the onion is like $1 and a can of tomatoes is like $5, you beat the store price on a can jar of sauce and this is so much better.



  1. Those damn hipsters, now invading the cooking world. F off hiptsters.

  2. Yum, I'll definitely have to try this tomorrow over some chicken parmesan.

  3. fuck this looks delicious

  4. My girlfriend will like this.

  5. Cooking this tonight, I can't wait!