Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy your time

Unless you live under a rock you probably have heard of some populous unrest here in the US.  They started in Wall Street that made a modicum of sense and still does, and has spread all over the country to little demonstrations by modern day jobless hippies know as recent college grads.  They do appear to be quite the pointless and lost lot, but mostly I came here to assemble a list of productive things for these navel gazers to do with their time standing in the Seattle rain.

1. Meet and keep contact with at least 100 people.
Disenfranchised though they may be, you should start learning the power of network effects now.  You need a network (if you had one you would have a freaking job right now) and you need to put it to work.  Find them on FB or twitter or whatever and keep in contact this will be a surprisingly useful tool later on.

2. Find people with great ideas at this little waste of time and help them get them off the ground.
This is really a no brainer, if there are talented and smart people (or as smart as the people around think they are) you should be able to find 1 or 2 good ideas and attache yourself to them from the 100 people that you met, and you being attached to this will ensure that you have the potential to get a job with this crazy thing you people are starting.  Barriers to entry of a company have literally never been lower, with half a clue and a decent Idea you could find yourself as the next twitter or even something more vapid and limited of use that the kids cannot stop talking about.

3.Spend some time reflecting on why you are out in the rain, and get a decent message because at this point you look more than a touch foolish.
nuff said.

4. Stop fucking with traffic it just annoys those of us that are working and have people that we need to take care of.

5. Use the rain to wash some of that proletariat stank off of you, ya damn hippies.  And maybe read about how first world your problems are and get over it.  Boohoo, I'm educated and in debt because I made the decision to go to college and get high and waste my time rather than finding a job.


  1. It must be Monday, lol

  2. hahaha oh wow that sounds angry. #1 and #2 are good advice. #4 should be stickied everywhere hahaha

  3. hahahaha!

    okay. noted. chill now =))

  4. #4 should be made the 11th commandment. Seriously.

  5. Thankfully the protests are starting to move towards Washington, where they might actually have some effect.

  6. good advices indeed, people united against the banks and other big companies.

  7. Networking is great!