Friday, September 23, 2011

Sauerkraut time

A few weeks ago I saw a post about sauerkraut on Lifehacker and decided that it was time to get add another skill to my robust post-apocalyptic skill set. I believe I saw the quote "I don't have hobbies, I'm developing a robust post-apocalyptic skill set" in the footer of a blog I follow called the Little House on the Sand Pit. This is growing to be one of my favorite quotes and a bit of a way of life.

My wife's parents being good traditional German descendants and ex-Minnesotans used to make sauerkraut at home, and I'm told my father parents used to as well. The wife's parents still have stoneware crocks and a family recipe from their grandparents, I am probably going to follow this recipe just because it sounds better and they aren't uppity about the salt having to be pickling salt. I had been planning on using Sea Salt, so someone that is more to my way of thinking seems like who I should follow.


  1. and being ex-minnesotans lol

    its always good to learn how to make kraut though, you can never go wrong with it. goes good on almost anything

  2. Not a huge fan of sauerkraut, but maybe it tastes better when it's homemade.

  3. I like this, I haven't eaten Sauerkraut for a decade!