Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It is the IT equivalent of a gang rape


There may have been some confusion here I think that the article is full of shit. To try and claim that Google is a monopoly in search is Prima facie full of shit. Dominant option? Yes absolutely, I don't use any other service because the results tend to be awful seriously try it. The switching costs to set Google as you default search provider are still high enough that most people have Bing as their default and have to install the Google Search bar (which they do willingly) to get the better more relevant results. Google is killing it in search and has been for a long fucking time, anyone that has anything else to say is in blanket fashion someone that is being paid to say otherwise. Period.

Microsoft has, and continues to pay shills (ie the sleazy fuck that wrote the article that I'm pointing to) and will continue to do so into the future until they can cajole and bribe the DOJ into anti-trust proceedings to break up a competitor they cannot beat.

I was saying that the patent litigation that is underway in the smartphone arena, is like watching an IT gang rape, IE Microsoft and Apple and everyone else that is a fucking coward trying to pin Google in a corner.

Here's the thing no one puts the Big G in a corner.

And further more the champion of our Authors heart Microsoft has been doing the things that he takes offense to for 2 decades now. Xbox didn't just materialize and the 360 actively used the chips designed by Sony for the PS3 in a very shady deal with their long time partner in the sack IBM. No one's hands are clean here, and painting Google as some new cancer just pisses me off.


Recently I'm annoyed by everyone that is a shill for Microsoft and Apple


  1. Actually I can kind of agree with this, it's hard to go anywhere online without feeling google's e-penis inside your ass.

  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    goddammit I hate google ..

    def +follow
    (much love from if you're interested !)

  3. I have a love-hate relationship with Google. They host my blog for free so I can't really complain.