Friday, September 30, 2011

A La buggered by the Cable Co.

So one of the blogs I follow posted about the Cable Companies pondering a move to A la carte pricing (hi Rich) which on the surface sounds like it could be a deal for us customers. I say on the surface because if you have had to deal with a cable company you would know that they hate you and want to make you suffer. Gizmodo breaks down the maneuver pretty clearly here, but I can summarize for those not going to make the jump.  Their idea of "a la carte" is to take ESPN and other in demand channels out of bundles where they often have to pay $4 per subscriber and move them to the premium package model a la HBO and Showtime.  In short there will still be packages, just the good stuff will require upgrades.  Your base package will likely cost the same and include less shows.  But you will still be required to have the base package to get the "premium" packages.  In short:

Fuck you customers, we still hate you.
Cable Co's
You see what I did there I contextualized a quote that doesn't exist. I should work for Star magazine or something. Maybe Rupert Murdoch is hiring.


  1. nice stuff dude, keep it up! lovin' it

  2. Cable companies are absolutely ridiculous... like Time Warner where I live, they thank me for CHOOSING them, when I never had an option in the first place. -_-