Saturday, June 30, 2012

Up all night

So what do you do when decongestants keep you up at night?  If you're me you get out your long neglected CNC project and start epoxying shit together.  So in essence right now I'm watching epoxy dry and trying to sit still so I don't accidentally bump something while it's drying.  Sure sleep would be awesome, but who needs it when you can smell epoxy drying (note to future self, do this shit outside!  Assuming you have enough braincells left to understand this when it's all said and done.)  The package said it would be 5 minutes, and it's tacky dry, but I want another coat so I'm posting on the internets, hurr durr.  Seriously kids sudafed is a dangerous drug it leads to science!


  1. And here when I can't sleep, all I do is fart around on the Internet.

  2. I haven't had that issue for the longest time.