Friday, June 29, 2012

Pseudoephedrine buzz

Holy crap no wonder they make amphetamines with these, so I'm a fairly regular caffeine junky and average 4 sodas a day (listen it's down from 8 and a monster energy drink alright) so I'm less immune than I used to be, but still know that I could drink a case of soda and not get the shakes.  Enter allergy season from hell this last week and my steady dose of allergy meds wasn't cutting it.  I needed to stop the steady drip of my nose so I got some Pseudoephedrine.... I'm sitting here at my computer feeling wide awake but listless and my legs have been bouncing the whole morning.  I'm buzzing, and I know it.  I finally crashed out last night after 2am, and got up without much trouble around 6, and feel clear headed despite not nearly enough sleep.  That's the pseudoephedrine talking, and it kind of freaks me out.

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