Friday, June 08, 2012

Talking myself out of technology

It's a strange place to be at right now, the internet is the most fascinating thing I can think of, filled with so many opportunities to do just  about anything and tons of people that are trying new things and willing to help you on your way to try new things.  Everyday I'm bombarded with crazy new and creative ideas from all over the world uncovered and reblog/repinned/reshared ad nauseum until they reach far and wide.  Everyone is plugged in to greater or lesser degrees, but like the speaker in my last post I'm starting to think I'm too immersed.

I play Modern Warfare 3 on xbox, and go out of my way to mute all the jack asses in every room, I don't want to talk to them I just want to compete with them.  I require no human interaction with them I just want to out play them, or when I play with people that are better than me learn how to get better.

I feel like that's a metaphor for something.  What I don't know, but I interact with very few people in a real and meaningful way.  I had the first conversation that wasn't about something that needed to be done with my wife last night that I can remember having in a week.  That's some weird head space to be in.  I don't have a plan, I don't even know if a plan is needed; but something needs to change.  I leave that happy thought with a song that fits my mood for the moment.


  1. I have weeks like that...and the modern world makes it easy to switch off

  2. I sort of know how you feel. Except it's with Starcraft.

  3. I know exactly what you're talking about. I interact with people constantly, but am I really interacting with them? Technically I'm just punching a bunch of buttons into my smartphone or posting something on Facebook.