Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Holy hot mess

So as I mentioned previously I've got no time, that would include time to go to the gym.  I've hoping to reverse that so I lined up some sessions with a personal trainer.  I've worked with him before and he's pretty good at breaking me so I knew generally speaking what I was getting into.  The gym that he works out of is about 30 minutes walking from my work, and I had an appointment for Monday at 3pm.  I figured if I brought a bike in I could cut the time to get to there down considerably (like 7 minutes instead of 30).  That would give me time to change, get there and work out them get back change and go back to work in theory. It was going to blow about an hour and a half, but I figured that wasn't too shabby.  Cue the Monday morning and like a jack-ass I didn't do any prep for my little workout, and had to scramble to get my bike out of the garage (no small task) and get all the gear for working out and locking up my bike downtown.  It was a cluster, but I managed to get on the road to work only adding about 20 minutes to the day.

I had an early(ish) lunch, but didn't have anything to eat just prior to leaving for my workout.  In the process of getting my bike out, I noticed the rear tire was low so I had dug out the compressor and filled it up (long ridiculous story but my bike pump was destroyed on accident the last ride I went on), the front tire was firm, but I din't really check it (mistake and a half).  I get changed, and get on the bike to ride out but the only water bottle I have on hand is the worst bottle ever (terrible prep for this I know) but it's all that I have on hand so I load that up and get to riding to my workout.  Right away I realize the error of my ways for not checking the front tire, when I brake and my weight transfers forward the tire flattens out enough that it's kind of scary to maneuver (ie brake and turn at the same time).  Scarier still is down one hill I'm matching traffic so 25-ish mph with a tire that is not safe.  Either way, whatever I get to the gym in about 7 minutes and kick myself for not having a protein bar or some fruit to eat before I work out.  But that's the sate of things so I roll with it and get into my workout.  40 minutes in the enormity of this mistake becomes abundantly clear, and I have to stop because I'm getting light headed and shaky.  Not the good work out shaky, rather the I'm going to throw up and then pass out shaky.  So I head to the gyms juice bar and get a smoothie to get some sugar into my body before I bonk, but it's nearly 20 minutes before I'm not shaking any more.

Now the fun part, the trip to the gym was largely down hill (gentle down hills, but still), crummy front tire and a body that is asking me for mercy; up the hill you bastard.  It wasn't pretty.  It took about 25 minutes to make it back to work, and another 10 to get changed.

When I got back to my desk I was a hot mess.  Maybe not hot, but sweaty and gross; so mostly just a mess.

Anyhow if you made it this far and didn't TL;DR me, I'll reward you with adorable Otters


  1. I hope you learnt your lesson! Front tires are evil! Thats all there is to that!

  2. I never check my bike over properly even after I shattered my rear gears when my chain snapped...