Thursday, June 21, 2012

Icecream fever at Saveur

The last week my feed from Saveur has looked like this

How to make 25 ice cream toppings including rich caramel icing, butterscotch sauce and hot fudge.  Then how about some books on ice cream making, followed by ice cream cone taste testing, some list of 25 ice cream and gelato recipes, how to make ice cream, how to make ice cream by hand.  Then for kicks how about Fig ice cream recipies, Onvi ice cream, Ice cream cookie sandwhiches, Mexican ice pops, and some strawberry shortcake bars.

Any how you get the picture; and Saveur we get it.  It's hot as fuck on the east coast, shut up already.  It's the middle of Juneuary here in the PNW, and I'm pretty sure we haven't gotten over 80 yet this "alleged" summer.  I bet you will never guess what was bought yesterday in my house?  Ice cream bars and then we went out for Froyo, so yeah posting about heat apocalypse soothers for your East coast brethren is probably awesome for page views but you're making me fat(er) over here.

Fuck it, I'm going to get some gelato.


  1. oh. I too lazy to even think of doing something like this. HAHA

  2. Its pretty hot over here in the midwest too.

  3. My wife wants to invest in an ice cream maker. As long as I don't have to churn ice cream by hand, I'm game. How dare I burn the calories I'm about to consume.