Monday, June 25, 2012

The Giant Time suck

I knew that children would be an investment in time and money, but the time factor is starting to surprise me. Some of this is self-imposed, we choose to make his food and we choose to use cloth diapers.  Those time sinks are on us for sure, and we choose to breastfeed so that is also mostly on my wife (she is aiming for 1 year).  The thing you don't expect is once they are mobile you basically heard a child, that is all you do.  His crawling is getting pretty effective now, so he closes distance quite quickly, this is sad times for my cats and they have been forced to higher ground for temporary respite from doom (aka grabby hands).  In retaliation one of the cats has taken to peeing on stuff.

That's not acceptable.  There's some serious long hard thinking going on in my house, if we don't find somewhere for her to go today.  Don't get me wrong, I strongly hope to have a place for her, but peeing on stuff is not going to be tolerated.


  1. wow cloth diapers... you have my utmost admiration for that alone

  2. Diapers for the cat!

    1. I'm fairly sure you are the only person in the world to come up with that idea. Ever. Here's your creativity pie. (Seriously, all creativity deserves pie)

    2. Yum yum, thanks for the pie!