Monday, June 04, 2012

You know how I know it's Monday?

Shit's broken.

Apparently we had a Tsunami indoors over the weekend so our main fax, print, copier that was conveniently located directly below an air handler is unplugged and pulled away from the source of offending water.  It's broken, and the main printer for about 1/2 of the office.  Sweet.

Next up, one of our partners servers is offline.  Sweet, they don't have on site tech support so it's on me to figure this shit out.  Trouble is someone stacked another server right on top of the server that won't turn on.  I don't know what the other server does, so I don't want to turn it off until I speak to someone, but it's preventing me from turning on their file server, database server, dhcp server,..... you get the picture.  Couple all that shit with I have a 9am conference call, and forgot my tie at home....

It's 10:32am and I need a drink.  The hits keep coming today, and for fun I get my Mother this week.  That ought to be about as much fun as I know how to have.


  1. Shitty Mondays all around. I'm getting emails about my degree and other University stuff that needs to be taken care of. :\

  2. sounds super lame, sorry man

  3. that sounds terrible

  4. you waited till 10:30am for a drink?!

  5. Owch! I hope your week gets better!