Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I've had it with these MotherF*cking Ants in this MotherF*cking house

Seriously, title says it all.  7 years in this house, every summer ants.  I've caulked and sprayed, in expanding insulation (that they apparently think tastes like candy) and poured an industrial sized thing of poison in the crack between my garage slab and the slate entryway.  I don't understand how they keep getting into my house and pissing little chunks of sand into my entryway.

True story.


  1. Atleast you don't have termites c:

  2. I hate ants but I also get other bugs all over my porch at night

  3. believed it or not, way back before the flood-in our old house, I don't why ants keep passing on our table (where we usually put the laptop) when I already cleaned the place (whole place), it won't just die..then we noticed, they keep in and out in the keyboard, just then we realized they're living inside the keyboard-GROSS!!!! when my brother opened the keyboard, OMG! there are bunch of them..I just HATE THEM SO MUCH!!!!