Friday, June 01, 2012


Anybody participating in the current Microsoft bribe you to use our search engine scheme?  I was doing the club bing, that was all word games and you use the search engine to solve the puzzles until it closed down recently.  For me it was a pretty decent deal, in a few years I managed to get 2 xbox 360's (well I earned one and they cannot keep track of anything so the sent a second one) and a kitchen aid mixer and some other miscellaneous garbage.  I'd say that puts the net at around $800 or so dollars in money I didn't have to spend.  They capped you at 500 tickets a day, but if you where efficient you could do that in about an hour.

The current scam is faster to complete (especially if you just keep using search autocomplete) and caps you at 10 points for searches and they have some daily offers of 3-50 points you can complete.  You're out maybe 5-10 minutes a day, and can earn points to redeem towards xbox live subscriptions, or xbox live points.  I think they have some other crap in there, but it's of no real value to me.

Pretty sad, I think.  Here at Microsoft we are not above bribing you to use our products....


  1. I wondered why I'd never heard of this and then it came up with the helpful message that they're not doing it in the UK....damn you M$!

  2. I have heard about it but havent looked into it. I might give it a run

  3. lol, microsoft should give up and focus on not making their next OS crap.

  4. You got two consoles for free? Where was I when this all happened!!?

  5. The link is broken. :(

    1. HMM works for me in the US.

  6. You know, the irony of this is that I do the exact same thing - I fill out everything and search and do whatever needs to be done to get my rewards - and then after, when I need to do a real genuine search, I just go to Google. Like I always do.

    Ouch, Microsoft.