Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fireworks, the crud and sleeping babies

So I'm going to preface what I have to say with this. I grew up in a pretty rural setting, and I love me some stuff that blows up just as much as any other "country" person; and the 4th of July is a great time of year for that love of blowing shit up.  Here's the deal, that shit wakes my kid up.  It' illegal in most parts of my state, specifically in my city and all the cities that are adjacent as well.  There is literally no legal zip code for fire works in 20 minutes of driving, but that doesn't stop people from shooting off fireworks from sun down until 1 AM for the last several nights.  I assume it's the awesome factor that drives them to do it, I mean lord knows I've blown enough shit off the face of this planet (yeah, when I say rural I mean we built a 7' tall sky cannon aka mortar tube, a made black powder bombs and regularly had bottle rocket and roman candle fights) but damn it walking my kid back to sleep after things blow up and startle him out of sleep leaves me cranky.

Enough of the bitching about explosions, on to bitching about colds or whatever the fuck this congestion/chest bullshit I've got going on over here is.  It's (ostensibly) summer, and though it feels like April or late February around these parts I don't want a summer cold.  I really didn't want to give it to my wife, who because of her breast feeding duties cannot take literally anything for it.  I've at least got sudafed (aka sudampetamines seriously I cannot take this stuff after 3pm if I want to sleep at night) to fall back on.  So yeah, happy 4th of July or some shit.

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