Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weirdly personal

So I've been keeping this blog a while now, and it's strange how less and less it's about me.  I know some reasons I was obscuring myself intentionally in the past few months, but I haven't been using this to keep track of things in life.

For instance I didn't write about either my brother getting a new job or about him buying his first house.  I'm surprised how nice it was to see things like that when I was reviewing old blog posts to keep track of my life and help me remember when things happened.

In June we went to Leavenworth for a wedding and V was in town.

So far this month we've bought my son an awesome inflatable pool, and he managed to fall down and get a black eye.  We went to the first birthday of a friends daughter.


  1. I get to see you again in August (fingers crossed). So excited because it was great to hang out in June.

  2. Yeah, he fell down, that's it...

    For as much as we talk about ourselves, our blog isn't very personal either. But it is nice to know what's going on with those in blogosphere. Just don't go all Oprah on us and share a 10 page essay about your feelings, alright?