Monday, July 16, 2012

Small chainsaw art project

So I apparently am the guy that stops and picks up the tree cuttings you see on the side of the road with a sign saying "Free wood".  We went to the park with my son over the weekend and I saw this little beauty of a log that I just had to make mine.  What you see here is about 6 batteries worth of 10inch bar battery powered ryobi chainsawing action.  I have 3 batteries and 1 charger so that amounts to give or take all day.

I've worked on it through two more batteries so far, and have the seat level and am working on trying to square up the sides and back.

For some reason I decided that this would make an awesome little man chair, and have been steadily working towards making this thing into a chair.  When I started it weighed between 80-100lbs and was the upper limit of what I could carry around the side of the house up a hill and into the back yard.  For those of you that have browsed deep into my archive of posts you may realize I've kind of wanted to do a chainsaw project since 2006 or so.


  1. thats kind of cute.

  2. Pretty cool, chainsaw art could be the next big thing!!