Monday, July 23, 2012

Battery Powered chainsaws are garbage

Yeah, so I've been working on this chair for kind of a little while now and I can categorically say that electric battery powered chainsaws are a terrible idea.  I won't comment on ones that plug into the mains as I don't know how those would work, but lord I pray that they work better than what I've been working with.

The top three most annoying thing about this chainsaw?  1. It has a 10inch bar.  2. Batteries are a terrible, awful way to power it. 3. Batteries are a terrible, really awful way to power it.  I get about 30-40 minutes of work in with 3 batteries, but really its 5-10 minutes of good work then 30 minutes of shitty work.  Now I will say that the chain could probably use a sharpening, and I know that tightening the chain up made the process less awful.  All of that aside, really what it needs is some damn horsepower.  Really.

So at this point the chair is down to about 60lbs of wood.  It started close to 100lbs, a good deal of that was water weight so just getting it dried out will help, I pulled the bark off so the drying should be faster (if it ever stops raining here!)


  1. wow. you're working hard as I can see. let's see how it will turn up. ^_^

  2. I don't know if a cord would help or hinder - my friend bought a corded hedge trimmer and has since trimmed his way through 4 extension cords. I think maybe a chainsaw would be easier to maneuver if it were plugged in somewhere, but I totally agree that batteries suck. I can't wait to see the finished project - are you going to stain it or just seal it?

    1. Birch has such lovely grain on it I'll sand it down and just seal it. It will have to be after I let the timber dry inside for a time. Because it's all one piece I want to butterfly join any splits that happen to keep them from getting too big. It's a little person chair, I have to be mindful of splinters and tiny fingers.

      You will remember birch from the river house. The doors and hardwood floor where birch. The cabinets where not, but they had a natural finish to match the rest of the house. Dad would remember the species of the cabinets (I only lived there one year!)

  3. The chair is looking nice! I know someone who used a pug in chainsaw, the only problem is where the cord goes, but if you can make sure it always is behind you or to your side theres no trouble with plug in ones! (Inless your breaker can't take it)