Tuesday, July 17, 2012

16 pages to go!

I had a really great reading day yesterday, and am working on the final chapter of that stupid book.  Here's the thing, the author waited until the last chapter to get to the crux of what the opposition movement was about.  The length of the (fictional) history movement was just to dissect a transition from the society that we know to the future (dystopia) and all the levels of  society that had to be moved to get to a meritocracy only to basically make it sound like socialism was a pretty solid idea.  I hope I'm jumping to conclusions but the first section of the last chapter certainly seems to be leading that way.  It's slightly more nuanced than just socialism, but still McCarthy would have labeled him a pinko.

We'll see.


  1. so close, yet so far...

  2. why not try Fifty Shades Trilogy? hmm..I think I can predict now -you raising your eyebrow with a mocking smile on your lips. haha!

    1. I have the trilogy in my pile, but from the excerpts that I've read I doubt I'll finish them. They're pretty trashy, over and above their bsdm themes. Seriously if you want to read something naughty, about bsdm and written by someone that can write read The Sleeping Beauty trilogy from Anne Rice or A. N. Roquelaure. Full disclosure I lost interest after the first book "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty". It starts with the "Prince" waking sleeping beauty by having sex with her and descends sharply from there.