Monday, April 16, 2012

Micro CNC Micro update

I had a fairly productive little weekend on my CNC project, and I wanted to give an update before I forgot.  My Dad and I didn't get time to work on it together the other weekend (my younger brother is buying a house so most of the attention for the weekend was on him.)

But here is a picture of my progress.

So the things you cannot tell by the picture, Those rods are cut down from 3 foot long rods with a hack saw, and filed flat.  Prior to this weekend I had all the parts cut, but none of them where assembled so I drilled the holes for the rods as well as glued, clamped and screwed all the side pieces together.  The cutting stage and the sacrificial base are co-drilled and and screwed together.

I spent a good deal of time on the rods and the bushings making sure there where not catch points on the rods, so I had a small file and spent about an hour sliding the bushings and filing all the rough patches down.  The Z axis is drilled out, but I had a bad drill spot that I am shimming and wood gluing to fill back in.  After drilling the holes I put the rods in and realized one hole was closer to 80° than 90° so I had to clamp the holy hell out of it to get the holes to match up and correct for the poor drilling.  I have the hole shimmed with paper as filler and the wood glue is drying, but I may do a second application of glue before I epoxy it for a little more strength.  If there is a problem with torsion I will drill holes for metal bracing pins with a drill press I have access to at work.  The Z access sort of floats and is the weakest link in the setup so I may choose to  make a bracing pin.

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