Monday, April 02, 2012

Rage inside my cage

That was the lest productive weekend I fairly sure ever.  My dad and I managed to get my tv mounted onto the wall, and after a few hours of looking at Ikea's website and measuring and remeasuring the living room we managed to get a decent idea of how the room should/will be laid out when it comes time for the living room upgrade.  No CNC work however.

I also got windows 7 onto my mom's computer and transferred all of her docs and pictures plus the nearly 4 gigs of legacy pictures that I recovered from the last time her computer died.  I've given her these pictures on cd's or a dvd to load into her computer several times and she has failed to remember to do it so she finally has an uninterrupted chain of digital photos since she started taking digital photos.  I also new have a snapshot on hand of all of her data as of yesterday.  I keep bare drives dedicated to keeping my family and in-laws data alive in the event of, well whatever.  I recovered from crashed laptops and failed desktops enough that it sits in folders on a external 500gb disk, each family has a folder.  I should setup a dedicated crashplan server for my family so I don't have to worry about it in the future.

The rest of the weekend was spent helping my brother and his wife get ready for their new house.  They bought a new construction (that I'm not a huge fan of either the location or the layout of the neighborhood) and are excited and nervous for the outcome.  My parents have built and sold more houses than any sane individuals should have (gotta love middle class upward mobility).  That is to say, they are good people to tell you about how the whole process works, and what you need and don't need in the process of buying a house.  My Sister-in-law is a little bit of a know it all (in her head) and was very nasty to my mother all weekend as she tried to give them some wisdom on various things about the process.  My mother also has a really good eye for design, and decorating (honestly not just because she is my mother) so I tend to listen to her about color palettes and pairing.  Her catching shit from her daughter-in-law is the back drop for this next bit of story.  Mom tolerates bullshit poorly and is not shy about an argument, but has really made an effort to not be on bad terms with my brothers wife who has a tendency to be a bit of a bitch.  Contrast S-I-L with my wife how goes the extra mile to make my mother feel welcome and included, and tries hard to not let mother's pushy nature get the best of her.  That is the dynamic we are working with here.

Mix in a lot of tired from all parties last night, and while the parents where waiting for me to finish the computer mother says to father some kind of snarky bs about having to be up early otherwise their Daughter-in-law won't let them see their grandchild and my wife lost it.  It was a minor snipe and really petty of my mother, but not out of line her general nature.  It just happened to be the last straw for my wife, she walked out of the room and wouldn't speak with my mother which unleashed some fucking tidal wave of crazy from mother about everyone is so mean to her and all she wants to do is steal some baby so she can see it whenever she wants and not have to see her (my Mother-in-law aka the other grandma that is doing the heavy lifting of childcare 5 out of the 6 week rotation we are on right now).  Followed by some incomprehensible sobbing about wanting her boys back and threatening to drive home (like 6 hours that night it was 9pm or so).  

So yeah, I went to bed angry and still apparently am.

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  1. This would royally piss me off too, in fact - reading about it made me angry. Anyone whose met your S-I-L can agree she's bitchy. Anyone and everyone who knows your wife loves her because she is so kind and good natured. Sniping by your mom is hard to handle, I'm sorry you had to go through all of this drama.