Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anybody else having issues with scheduled posts?

So I typically schedule posts at into the future so I'm not on the hook to be creative every day (it can be challenging I find), but this week not of the scheduled posts have posted on their own.

That is not acceptable!

Scheduled posts are my life line here, I am guilty of not checking my blog every single day so I need to know that time I did use was productive.  I've been with blogger since 2005 and for the most part I'm happy with it as a platform, but the push to modernize things seems to be breaking shit around here.  For the longest time I couldn't see the sections under posts where it said all posts, scheduled and draft posts.  I figured out the url and manually typed it in there to get to the various sections when I needed to, but I don't appreciate a wonky interface.  I'm not running blogger in draft stop fucking the mainline up, some people actually use this shit.

Also as a side note, I think the new interface for reader, and gmail are piss.  I use Reeder for Chrome to fix the interface on google reader and read my gmail on my phone to stop from being pissed off at you.  If you're going to update interfaces stop filling the page with so much white space my eyes bleed.  Ditto on the overhaul.  I don't give a flying fuck about the trending topics, stop trying to be twitter.  Twitter is it own shitty little nest I don't need you to try and fail at being a bad interpretation of Twitter.

Rawr, go back to executing well god damn it Google, I'm gonna jump to wordpress or tumblr so help me


  1. We've never been able to get the scheduled post thing to work. Then again, we barely have them ready to put up in time, as it is.

  2. I always use scheduled posts and it works perfectly, but I can't help you, sorry...

  3. I don't have issues with them too, maybe you should ask the google support.

  4. Never tried using them before but I'll keep this in mind in case I do. Thanks for the heads-up.