Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Cake (best I could do)

Saveur those bastards have been posting cake recipes left and right and its all I can do not to make them all and wallow in them like fat kid heaven.  Everyone looks amazing, and the ingredients let me know that they will be over the top.

First up:  Black Forest Cake

Image via Saveur credit Todd Coleman

Next as a special treat for my best childhood friend: Lemon Cake

Image via Saveur credit André Baranowski

And finally for me, my favorite flavor on the whole planet Coconut Cake

Image via Saveur credit Todd Coleman

I'm sorry for the drool and other bodily fluids you have on and around your keyboard now, but wait!  I give you the finale!

Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches, Profoundly V lead me to, and well for the Real V in my life Carrot Cake cookie sandwiches would pretty much fit the bill.

Image via Cupofcake


  1. I made the mistake of showing that carrot cake cookie sandwich recipe to my wife. Wish me well when I succumb to the diabeetus. :(

  2. >Lemon Cake
    Nostalgia ;_;

  3. I would accuse you of cheating on the letter day, but then again... it's cake. Cake always gets a pass from me.

  4. Black forest cakes use to be my favourite! Haven't eaten them in almost a decade though!