Thursday, March 29, 2012

CNC Update of sorts

So all of the parts I mentioned in this post have arrived and this weekend my Father (woodworker extraordinaire) is going to be in town so I think rather than jump into my latest time sink/money waster ie CigarBox guitar, or Charcuterie.  For the curious or deranged, you can see a tiny window into my clusterfuck of a brain over at my Beer Links Page.

I need to make sure I can locate all the pieces, but it may finally be time to fire up this tiny CNC Router and get it working.  This post from a dude that had no electronics background that just whipped up a CNC router may have been some of the genesis for getting off my ass and completing this project.


  1. good luck with making it

  2. CigarBox guitar lulz. I'm considering building an ukulele this year (I know how much you love them ;), don't bite)