Monday, March 26, 2012

Well that was a pretty solid long weekend

I don't remember the last time my wife and I accomplished less on a long weekend, or had as much fun as we did.  Non-parents won't appreciate this I'm sure so feel free to skip if you don't want to listen to me prattle on about an infant.

We took him to the pool for the first time where we met up with a friend that also has a son about the same age as Rowan for a play date.  I'm not sure that my boy was super excited about the water, but the pool was sort of cold (colder than normal any way) and there where lots of 6-10 year olds splashing about that seemed to make him nervous.  We spent most of the rest of the day with that couple, just chatting and entertaining babies.

The next day was nice enough we went to the park (sadly 54°F counts for nice here in the PNW) and played with Rowan on the swings. They had those little bucket swings for kids that are too little to swing on their own so he even got to swing on his own a little bit. Since he's a Winter baby he hasn't been outside a very often because it's been so cold this year so he just watches everything, when he gets outside. There is so much to take in when he is outside, he just stares wide eyed with his mouth open at everything swinging his head around trying to see it all. My theory is his mouth is open because he wants to put it all in there.

Finally on Sunday Rowan surprised himself and us by rolling over the other direction (it's normally 6 months before infants can roll front to back, back to front) and even though he has yet to repeat the feat, it's nice to see him tracking on developmental stuff.  He of course choose to do the hard way first (back to front) and can roll that way at will (he is on his stomach often when we pull him out of the crib in the morning), but seems to prefer the skydiver pose when on his stomach.  He's starting to get that if he extends his arms out forward he won't be rubbing his face on the floor, but the tummy time still just makes him angry something fierce.  That is about all we did on Sunday, but he is definitely going to be his fathers son and fights going to sleep as hard as he can.  We have to rock and walk and listen to Bon Iver, or The National and S. Carey.  It blows my mind the effect of a little soft alt. rock.


  1. Aww. Guess that it's nice to have as awesome parents as you are.

  2. Next long weekend for me is next weeks easter, wohoo cant wait!