Tuesday, March 13, 2012

IT related post

Okay so it's about to get technical and ranty up in here so if you don't care for either thing piss off.

Last night my coworker and I stayed late to update an IBM Bladecenter S raid controller and upgrade the drives from 1tb drives to 2tb drives.  These drives are effectively the SAN for the blades so doubling the storage is kind of a big deal as we get ready to start adding more blades into this thing.  The trouble I had with this is the update process is really just bunch of bat files and python scripts that rely on default users that you cannot change and in typical IBM fashion it's not all built in house it just strung together oem parts glued together with code.  It was supposed to be a maintenance window of 6-8PM, but we didn't finish until 11:30pm and I have contractors in this morning (supposedly 30 minutes ago so some fuckers are about to get a phone call) all because of the kludgy as fuck nature of the update process I'm tired and cranky.

Also the SAS raid controllers on IBM bladecenters run MontaVista Linux professional version 3.1 on the Power PC platform and have a default userid and password and telnet is on by default.  For the technically inclined try to imagine what is wrong with this horrifying picture.  I can change the password, but telnet needs to be on (that's how you communicate the firmware updates ..... for serious) and I can hide the interfaces in VLAN's with ACL's which mitigates it to some degree, but I still bet this damn thing has busybox on it (it serves web pages and I think has an ssh interface) .  Anyhow the updates are done, and I'm tired but I'm rocking a 7.3tb array in one storage module bay(would be 9.1 but I assigned one drive as global hot spare) and a little shy of 2.8tb array on 15k rpm sas drives for running sql on

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  1. I don't know much about computers but that IBM stuff pissed me off! We need better computer makers!