Friday, March 09, 2012

Wireless charging

In a general sense I'm interested in seeing inductive charging in devices particularly entertainment devices.  The ability to lay a device down and have it charge for the next time I want to use it and not have to fuss with the cord to make sure it is charged up (I'm looking at you Barnes and Noble Nook Color).  These devices (phones, iPads or other tablets) are powerful and great to use for consumption of media, the instant on and ready to go nature makes them preferable to other devices (like netbooks) for quick access to information.  The trouble with wireless charging is it typically has to be built in by the manufacturer, which is why I'm excited for this Duracell powermat card.  It offers a retrofit option for devices you already own and gives manufactures a way to do what they do and let the customer make the choice on what inductive charging solution fits their needs best.


  1. Tablets are great things to have around!

  2. Wirelesss charging exists? I wonder how that would work...