Monday, May 07, 2012

Ikea is still fairly awesome

So, I've been re-designing my living room for a little while now to make room for my little boy.  I wanted him to have some open space to tear around in, and put stuff that little finger would find way to interesting away and out of reach.  I posted about the inspiration before, but we pulled the trigger on it on Sunday and bought the cabinets.  The countertop I want to use to finish it up is out of stock and won't be in for quite 4-6 weeks.  It turns out to be fine for my purposes as I need to build a toekick box for the cabinets and figure out how to get all the wires to the areas they need to be (the cable and ethernet jack are far from the TV ect.)  A few weeks ago we mounted the TV to the wall, and after examining the stud placement I think I can get all the components fished through the walls so they come out behind the tv and the rest of the wires will be hidden behind the cabinets in a 3 ¼" void.  The board I will use to create the spacer will serve as the cleat for the countertop once its in and if I'm feeling really fancy I may end up with an electrical outlet similar to this one on the wall or embedded into the countertop.


  1. This looks really nice!

  2. Ikea has lots of really cool stuff I haven't been in a while but they usually have some original thing in there

  3. wow. cool dad, your little boy needs that place for sure :D good idea :D