Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mini foosball table

So yeah I'm a sucker for the Foosball, I grew up with a table in the basement and a father that played a lot when he was younger.  Needless to say I tend to be better than my peers at the game, but I still lake that finesse and power my father had for the game.  I don't have the space for a full size table in my home, but maybe I can convince my wife about this size.

via Gizmodo

For those that are interested you can see the catalogue here, there are no prices so it's safe to say you cannot afford it, but a boy can dream no?


  1. hmm..I wonder what would be your wife's answer..

    no? yes?

    hmm..Good luck with that. hahaha!

  2. That's nice, I love mini foosbal tables too!

  3. Even if you managed to get that table, who are you going to play with? Also, that table doesn't look too tough. I remember playing this game and we were hitting the table whenever we lose. I hope you don't have that kind of reaction.