Monday, May 14, 2012

So yeah Avengers was really fun

It had really everything I feel like I wanted it to have.

I loved that Stark and Banner geeked out together (I identified with that bit a lot)

Thor continued to be a douche, Hulk smashed the holy hell out of everything ever.  Black Widow actually managed to make herself interesting to me in this movie, Hawkeye was a questionable one to include in this particular movie but I never like the archery heroes or villains in the comics so that's just preference I assume.

As far as a "spoiler" don't keep reading below.

Someone explain to me why everyone just started listening to The Captain in that fight scene, Tony says "call it captain" and I just never in any planet would have expected Tony to defer to anyone period.  I think Joss tried to show them gaining respect for each other in the turbine scene, but it was flimsy in my opinion.

And of final note, did Banner finally get control of the Hulk somehow?  First off Hulk had a speaking role, which I don't think was ever part of the Hulk's MO, and second he was sassing Thor in the middle of a Fight (though that could be a hold over from their earlier tussle), and third he gave an iota of concern to Tony Stark not being alive at the end.  All of that made it seem like Banner was more at the helm of the Hulk than I understood him to be based on the comics that I remember reading.  I think an intelligent Hulk is more dangerous than the rampage warrior that is as likely to cause collateral damage as defeat the enemy.



  1. Why everyone listened to Captain America is that he becomes the leader of the Avengers in the comics.

  2. Honestly speaking, I only wanted to watch this because of Ironman, nothing else.