Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shilling for Me in My Place

Okay so this is a bit of shilling going on here, but it's for a decent cause for both of us.  If you don't read Esquire Magazine you've probably never heard of Me in My Place, they do photo shoots of women in... you guessed it their apartments/homes.  Typically I would say it's Esquire appropriate ie risque not dirty, other times... well some of those clothes are more than moderately see through.  It's a pretty solid tumblr blog to follow (maybe don't read it at work though) so give it a look go ahead but in a few days when you're done and get back here (seriously 2 years of content up there) we get to the shill part.

I subscribe to the MIMP app, which is for iPhone/Pad or android (mobile devices only), and calling it an app is really misplaced it's really a website optimized for mobile device and no you cannot browse it on a computer (who would want to use their large and generally nicer monitor to look at the partially nekked womenz any way?)

Right then on with the shilling and the general complications.  If you sign up here, you can get access to this "app" for $11 for the year, or $2.99 a month rather than $15 and $4.99 respectively.  Seems like a slick deal what do I get out of this and what are these silly complications?  Well if you enter my email address as the referer I get 3 months for one of you doing it, and 6 months for 2 of you doing it for free! That's like $7.50 in my pocket if you collectively spend $22!   Wow the cold math on that makes this shill post a waste of time.  I bet I cost my company more than $7.50 writing this post thus far...... any way on to the complications... I don't share that precious email address with everyone so yeah.  Either way you get cheap scantily clad ladies for a year, I don't have a way to give you my email without you having to have a google+ account so we're at an impasse.


  1. Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing!

  2. If i hadn't of lost my iphone on the weekend I'd be all over this...

  3. It sounds kind of like a pyramid scheme if you ask me.

    1. I'm concerned you don't know what a pyramid scheme is my friend.... This is called referrals, many banks and other services offer incentives to refer friends. It's a fairly common way to get more users without having to do any marketing. You incentivize your customers to market for you.