Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Occupy the Masons

I assume that there must be a common human arc, some strangely connected pulse that people of relatively similar backgrounds are walking to.  The support I have for this is the number of times I find an article in my self-selected news sources that just resonates deeply with me.  Or how often my close friends and I seem to have the same thought or how often I'm able to predict what my wife is about to say.  The wife thing may be a different thing all together so I'll discount that for the moment but the other items seem like a strong enough basis for this feeling I get.

A fairly recent example of this would be this article that Make reminded me of about the Free Masons.  I mentioned it to a friend of mine who immediately lit up to the idea.  He said he had wanted to do something similar, looking for some sort of belonging.

I'm certain others have experienced it as well.  When was the last time you and someone you know reached the same or similar conclusions coming from different perspectives.  For example, a little prior to the current backlash against Genetically Modified foods, I started to get interested in preparing my own foods.  The more I read about others looking into commercial foodstuffs and how they where processed and how that food is affecting our bodies, the more I heard about other people that wanted to start raising their own food. Now you have Urban Homesteading laws (home canning and laws about raising chickens in urban areas are being relaxed).

Not entirely un-releated, Will Smith manages to make me dislike him slightly less.

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