Friday, May 04, 2012

Prometheus and other thoughts

So I'll go ahead and assume you don't live under a rock and have seen the mounting publicity of the upcoming sure to be a blockbuster blah blah blah Prometheus.

Here's the thing the first two ad spot's I saw for it told a much more interesting story than what the actual movie is going to be about.  Pro-tip it's an aliens horror movie.  So yeah, not going to watch it.  Where it a movie about this,

or this

Instead we get this.

I suppose my disconnect is one is a genuine look at where we could go with AI, and the effects on society should be have the capacity to understand ourselves enough that we could create in the image of ourselves a copy indistinguishable. Bladerunner, started on it and even offered the possibility that we could love the artificial life we created. The premise of their love was so flimsy that the story fell apart in my opinion, but the idea was there. The hard part about movie love is that love is very hard to nail down and show it becoming anything other than infatuation. I know that there are more than a dozen movies and books dedicated to this theme, but I find it fulfilling and interesting every time.

Sound off in the comments if you have a great movie on the subject or book.  On of my favorite look at the future is the novel The Destroying Angel by Richard Paul Russo.  It's the first novel in a series of 3, I found this as the book Carlucci 3-in1[?] or my friends first novel Betahuman [?] .


  1. Looks awesome, thanks for sharing this!

  2. I dunno, I'll probably still see it... if we hold out for a cerebral alien flick that isn't a low budget indie film, we'll probably die never seeing any at all.

  3. Ehh... Looks like I live under a rock because I this is the first I've seen of this.

    Not that I'm interested by what I see anyways.

  4. I'm checking the trailer now..

  5. I'm so psyched for this film. Amazing cast and director.

  6. I'll keep my comments to myself for now. I'm not impressed (yet) but interested nonetheless.

  7. Anonymous9:47 AM

    good stuff bro