Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Microsoft Groove Does stuff ---Update------

I never actually got around to saying what it was that Groove did in the last post so I thought I would finish the thought (3 years later) with what I have figured out since then.  It turns out that Groove (now Sharepoint Workspace 2010) is both a client for Groove Servers (now Sharepoint Server) and an Ad Hoc Sharepoint like software. The principle of what Groove does centers around document stores (just like Sharepoint is all about lists of documents).  The key difference with Groove what that you didn't require the infrastucture to be put into place for you it could be implemented in a peer-to-peer system with documents stored and synced on individual computers local drives. Source

Hope that helps for people that wonder what the hell Groove does, I really think that Microsoft has failed to articulate what the hell is going on with their byzantine product matrix, and doesn't do a great job of selling the features to the non-technical world.

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